The amazing story of one survivor dog dumped in the desert


This dog was left on the road in the desert. She was left to die there. The dog was in a horrible condition. She was, definitely, neglected before she was dumped. They could not even determine if this was a boy or a girl because of matted hair, but intuition told them it was a girl so they called the dog Dorothy.

There were bugs, sticks, wires in the matted hair. It was difficult for her to walk because of these problems. When rescuers brought her to the rescue agency, a pound of matted hair was removed. She was so happy to find relief from it. The dog was covered with wounds.

Despite all, Dorothy wagged her tail and even went in the cage on her own, as if she understood that she would get help there. These people looked very kind and the dog trusted them completely. She suffered much but her life would change soon!

We spent more than 6 months, so that Dorothy could find a new life and new owner. Look at the photo – now she is happy!