This Cat Wants To Sleep. But Wait Till You See What He Does When His Owner Disturbs Him…Funny!


I love naps. I mean who doesn’t? So whenever someone tries to wake me up from a deep-coma like sleep, I get beyond irritated. I am sure you have experienced such frustration before as well. Many of us get grouchy when it happens, while some on the other hand, handle the situation in a comparatively calm manner. Take for example the little kitty in the video below!
Burnsy the cat really wants to sleep, but his owner has a different plan. When she starts prodding him into talking to her, the sleepy little cat has the cutest reaction ever! Wait till you see how he responds; you are going to melt. According to his owner, he loves watching this particular video. And every time she plays it for him, he rubs up against the monitor and nudges it. Isn’t that adorable? Watch the video on the next page!