They Took Him For His First Beach Trip. But What This Two-Legged Boxer Does There? I Am Really In Tears!


Meet Duncan Lou Who. This adorable dog was born with seriously deformed rear legs and pelvis. By the time he was 8 weeks old, the bones in his legs were totally fused and there was no chance of fixing them. His rear legs had to be amputated in order for him to have a better survival chance. Now his story has gone viral all over. This boxer has become a source of inspiration overnight!
The following video features Duncan’s first visit to the beach. He is accompanied by his family and friend. His owners say that he hates using a wheelchair even though he has one. So they decided to let him walk on his own two legs. This video is not sped up in anyway, so just look at how fast he is! Watching him is going to cheer you up for sure! Watch the video on the next page!