Mom Asked Them “Who Stole The Cookies”. I Couldn’t Stop Laughing When One Of Those Dogs Did This!


Dogs are one of the most faithful animals in this world. But they can be real snitches at times too. This hilarious video will show you what I mean. When this owner found out that one of her Labradors stole a cookie off the counter, she decided to interrogate them. But wait till you see how these adorable little guys reacted to their owner’s question.
Gnarly and Loa is a brother and sister duo that has lots of love for each other. When mom asked them to “rat the other one out”, I never thought I would get to see this! Gnarly is really honest and he doesn’t even hesitate to show mom the real convict. According to their owner, her real aim was not to find out who stole the cookie, but to see who the tattler would be!