Every Time He Hears This Queen Classic, Cockatoo Completely Loses It!


Snowball is one of the coolest birds you will ever come across. This adorable medium sulphur crested cockatoo is a great dancer and he was actually self-taught. He never got any training at all. His sense of rhythm is so impeccable that Snowball is actually being studied by scientists from Harvard. His videos have gone viral and it is clear to see why. This guy is a rockstar!
Snowball lives at Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service, a charitable bird rescue and sanctuary located in northwest Indiana. In the following video, he dances to Another One Bites The Dust by Queen and his steps are really amazing to be honest. Snowball is known to be one of the few animals that can change his steps to match the beats. He can even improvise his moves according to the beats he is listening to.