Cute Tiny Chick Called Sidney Wants To Be Cat’s…Pillow?!


So this is a post about a tiny adorable chick called Sidney and her friend, a cat called Oscar! Now mind you, after watching this post you’re going to want to cuddle the two and you might end up cuddling your screen so brace yourselves! The cuteness is just overwhelming! So Oscar was about to take a nap, but Sidney the chick still couldn’t find her awesome spot, so she tries to burrow herself under Oscar’s head!
The cat still can’t understand what’s going on and he’s really tired, but the chick just won’t stop trying! Then she finally finds her perfect spot, under Oscar’s head, but in less than a few seconds, she’s uncomfortable again! Now Oscar, who’s really very tired, just has no patience so he just let’s her dig under his head, so long as she’d let him sleep!