He’s Showing Off His Fancy Dance Moves. But Wait Till You See That Parrot Do This! Really Cute!


Parrots are really fascinating creatures. I have seen many people keep them as pets and I don’t really blame them. These birds are hilarious, entertaining, and really fun to be around. Take the cute little guy in the video below as an example. This adorable parrot is going to put a huge smile on your face with what he can do! Wait till you see him!
This little parrot is named Jerry and he loves to dance. In this clip, he shows us some of his impressive dancing moves. His routine is going to blow your mind for sure. His owner helps him out as he executes his fancy footwork to the ballet classic “Danse des petits cygnes” or “Dance of the Little Swans” from the second act of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.