On A Hot Sunny Day, Dara This Dog Could Only Think Of Doing This!


This is a story of a beautiful Labrador called Dara and Dara is a very talented and a smart dog, mind you! She lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil and if you’ve ever been there, you know how “hot” hot really is, it’s not a joke. A lot of people joke about how they can sun fry their eggs if they put them in a pan under the sun! No kidding, that must be real hot! Those who live in Brazil, what do you say? Doesn’t it get hot?
Well Dara thinks that today’s day is a little too hot and so she decides to cool off a little, you know. She goes straight to a tap, opens it with all her might and there, basks in the glory of cool water running down her heated body! Now that’s what you call helping yourself. She doesn’t bark for anyone to come help her, yes she has it all figured out!