This Bulldog Is Furious Because Mama Doesn’t Leave Him Alone. How He Shows His Anger? Hilarious!


Back when I was a kid, the constant smothering love that my parents showered me with, always used to bug and irritate me. At some point, I am sure a lot of you felt that way too. This cute newborn bulldog puppy named Elvis is going through something similar. He was given that name due to the cleft lip that made a permanent sneer on his face when he was born.
His mom Patches is a little “over-caring” for his taste, so he has some choice words to share with her. The poor mama was only trying to show some love, but her little brat had had enough. Elvis goes off to execute one of the cutest temper tantrums and it is adorable! His owner says that Elvis has now become a strong and energetic dog. He was adopted by a veterinary technician who had helped treat him from birth.