Have You Ever Seen A Talking Porcupine? This Will Definitely Blow Your Mind!


Would you believe us, if we told you that a porcupine is one of the most favored pets around the world right now? Well, let us show you some evidence first. This is a story of Teddy, the talking porcupine who has some serious matters to say about Santa’s Christmas Gift Delivery this year! Although it is just November, Teddy had already sent a zillion letters to Santa, requesting immediate delivery of his Christmas presents!
Turn up your volume before you play the video; because you don’t want to miss this little porcupine talk some seriously enlightening to you! It’s a li’l difficult to keep track of everything that Teddy says as he considers himself an expert and fast critic on corncobs.
But, did you hear him say ‘Santa’? And can you guess what Teddy got for Christmas? His favorite corncobs! And, boy, he is happy!