The Gigantic Bernese Mountain Dog Called Coco Thinks She’s Just A Little Chihuahua!


This is a story of a gigantic, and I mean really big, like massive probably. Okay this post is about a massive dog, a Bernese Mountain dog called Coco and Coco thinks that she’s nothing but a tiny Chihuahua! Yep you heard that right! Now let me tell you why she’s not a Chihuahua, not because she’s a Bernese Mountain dog, but because an adult female dog, like Coco, can weigh anywhere between 80 and 105 pounds!
Now Coco loves her daddy so much, so much that she thinks that it’s no big deal to sit on his lap. Yes, she was actually sitting on her daddy’s lap just because she thinks that she’s a chihuahua you know, but she doesn’t realize daddy can’t even speak up! This is hilarious, but at the same time shows just how much your dogs love you!