When Kitties Are Not Being Kitties, They Are Being Acting More Like Humans!


Have you ever felt that your cat is trying to imitate you? Or ignoring you like Barney Stinson or Roseanne? Rest assured folks, your cat is fine! But, to help you on the subject we have compiled some of the rarest moments from the Secret Life of Cats below. Like take an example of the first family, who bought a hammock, they never thought that they would have a catty war to face, to own it!
Not only that, the other cat literally just tucked herself in like a baby because perhaps she has a big interview coming up…to decide who catches the squirrel, perhaps. Then when you see the epitome of fluffiness licking a lollipop like a small child, I bet your jaw will drop. Not only that, some cats are even trying to build muscle, to participate in the Catolympics, perhaps…