Dad Gets Surprise Puppy In His Mailbox, Then He Can’t Stop Crying…


Losing a loved pet can be very hard. This Dad gets a surprise puppy from his family and he can’t stop crying. It’s so sweet! After losing his special dog, Trixie, this Dad was really sad.  Knowing he was such an animal lover, his son, Chad, and family decided to surprise him with a new canine.  When he’s handed a box in the driveway and looks inside, he’s instantly emotional.
The waterworks start right away as he reaches into the box to pick up his new friend and instantly begins snuggling the adorable little fluff ball. His son is on the phone and can be heard saying “I love you, Dad…[She’ll] never replace Trixie, but she’ll do her best!”   Through emotional tears and lots of hugs, it’s obvious that Dad loves his new Shepherd! This was the perfect gift for a Dad who obviously missed his previous doggy. He is completely smitten with his new dog and it’s obvious that they will be best of friends.