Dog Rushes To Jump Out Of The Car To Welcome Home Her Beloved Soldier… Your Heart Will Melt!


Hello beautiful people, we meet again! Okay I clearly sounded weird, but oh well, yes we meet and today’s post is really something special, very special, actually! Imagine the life of a dog, I know most of you, including me, think that a happy dog’s life is stress free, full of love and cuddles, minus a boss and late paychecks, but truly, its a life filled with longing for loved ones, especially those who leave for a temporary period of time.
This is a story of a dog called Chuck, a very hyper, and you’ll see, Boxer pup who has no idea where he’s going, but so long as he’s in the car, it looks okay. Then suddenly the car stops and this dog spots someone familiar. Without a second of hesitation, he jumps out of the car to go welcome him! Can you guess who? Yep, his daddy. His daddy had returned after completing his service and boy, was he happy to be home!