This rescued kitty shows the most adorable greeting ever! Lovely video!


The woman rescued the adorable and very fluffy white cat. But, she also got the most grateful pet and the best friend in the whole world. Seems like there is no end to all these greetings. The kitty is very happy of being here with the new loving owner. Precious!
This adorable cat was abandoned and threw into a dumpster. Now whenever her human walks into the room, her cat which is 100% deaf has the sweetest response that will melt any animal lover’s heart. This is too special for words. She is 100% deaf and likes to make her presence known!” YouTube user Cristina Kintner said, and you’ll LOVE the video she recorded!
This cat has the CUTEST response ever when she walks into the room now… Home pets never cease to amaze us with their behavior. There are so many awesome videos online and each time our pets do something funny. The world would be boring and gray without pets. Watch this video without delay to be inspired. It will cheer you up and provide the positive energy for the whole day! Watch the video on the next page!