This lazy cat lies down to eat! That is so funny to watch!


I’ve never seen such a lazy bone! How can a cat eat with its paws like that. Super sophisticated cat! You never know –  Nala, a 5-year-old cat from Norway, may just be trying to introduce a level of restraint at dinner time instead of gobbling her food down like a common dog.
Cat lovers will definitely like this charming fluffy cutie. Her name is Nala. Laziness is usually the engine of the progress. If to apply these words to Nala, we may say that laziness taught Nala to employ her paws very skillfully J Having a bowl with cat food right in front of her nose, the cat doesn’t want to stay on her “feet” and eat as a normal pet. She lies down and grabs crunches by her paw and delivers them right into her mouth. Is Nala really lazy or maybe she is just not hungry and tries to somehow entertain herself? You will find an answer after watching the movie.