Kirk’s Dik-Dik Antelope – The Smallest But The Cutest! Amazing Video!


Kirk’s dik-dik antelope Thanos is left alone after his mother died the day after his birth. But the wonderful workers at  Chester Zoo, England have taken over the complete care of him. The zookeepers give him food on the bottle five times a day. He is so small that his weight can not be registered on the zoo’s scale.
Thanos was born on January 8 this year. He is only 7.5 inches tall. This type of antelope only grows up to 16 inches, and do not weigh more than 16lb. This species is named after the Sir John Kirk, 19th-century Scottish naturalist. Kirk’s dik-dik antelope are native to North East Africa. It is also named by the noise they make when they are in danger. Every day Thanos is getting better. He is very strengthened, and alone stands on his thin legs. We especially hope that he will soon join the rest of antelope in the Zoo.