Funny Kitten Refuses To Accept That His Massage Time Is Over!


Isn’t it amazing how kitties have different characters. I had a beautiful black male cat who was such a baby. He’d love to relax in my lap and knead, though those sharp nails didn’t always feel good on my leg, but heck… Those were the good times.
But I also had a female orange tabby, yep. Oh boy, she was the devil! Her idea of fun was scratching and biting. The only thing that would calm her down was my neighbors dog.
So, if I had to choose between the clingy ones and wild ones, I guess, it is more convenient to have the first type, though I love all cats equally.
This sweet kitten in the video named Boo belongs to the first group. She really enjoys the pampering session, doesn’t want it to end, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Just watch what she does.