Restaurant Owner Received A Baby Lamb From The Farmer Anf He Actually Adopted It But Instead Of Making It The Meal Of The Day!


Mary had a little lamb, whose fleece was white as snow!” says 19th-century American nursery rhyme. Almost 200 years later, Maxine, a young New Yorker shares an apartment and a boyfriend with a young sheep, whose wool is gray as smoke. The couple takes it on a walk around the city. Little is known if they ever attended a school with their unusual pet. However, Smokey, as they call it, enjoys much attention from both children and adults.
The boyfriend of Maxine, Sandy is a restaurant owner. One day his supplier offered him a lamb. The poor creature had been abandoned by its mother, and the farmer, who owned the sheep decided to sell it to a restaurant. However, Sandy just couldn’t kill such amazinf tiny one! Now they’re best friends, or better to say a parent and a lively kid. Sandy even sleeps with Smokey on a coach, while his girlfriend stays alone in a bedroom.