This Pug Can Not Keep Up With Her Siblings In A Race. What She Does Instead? Really Hilarious!


Pugs were apparently bred to be companions for ruling families in China. They are probably one of the most amazing dog breeds on earth. They were highly valued by Chinese Emperors and were given all sorts of luxury; even being guarded by soldiers! The video below features a cute little pug that will no doubt crack you up.
Meet the pug Loca. This tiny girl looks like an ordinary pug at first glance, but you will soon find out that she has a very distinctive characteristic. Loca just can’t run like other dogs do. In this video, she shares her thoughts with us through a hysterical song. According to her, her three siblings are pros when it comes to running. While all she can do is flip and jump all over the place. The moral she takes from it is really sweet as well.