This Girl Entered The Arena With A Horse Without A Bridle. When The Music Begins? Amazing!


Not all people understand how difficult it is to train animals. First of all, you ca not make animals understand you. Secondly, even if you somehow manage to do this, animals are hardly willing to listen. But there are some people that are gifted to understand and think the way animals do. Stacy Westfall is one of such people and she manages to deliver a mind-blowing performance while riding her horse.
This video features Stacy showing her exceptional talent on horse riding. She rides her horse, Can Can Vanquero freestyle without any bridle. This requires tremendous trust between a rider and their horse. Stacy has been riding a horse since she was six years old. So you can tell that she is quite the expert with horses. She performs to “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion.