Meet The Beagle Babysitter!


Julia Kolpakova and her partner Danilo Drzewiecki bought Charlie from a Wicklow farmer five years ago. The beagle is one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the United States. Although it was originally bred to be a hunting dog, it is a perfect family dog thanks to his friendly personality. Charlie was the center of their world until they get a baby Laura Olivia. From the day she arrived from the hospital, there is a special bond between the dog and the baby.
The family was taught Charlie to help to change diapers, rocking the crib and gently play with the baby. They never had to learn her how to love their daughter. Not that he loves her, he adores her. And she loved him too. They are inseparable, because they play, eat and sleep together. From an early age, children need to learn to respect animals and especially how to treat them with love and dignity. Charlie and Laura grew up together, and now the baby Laura is a toddler.