This Lazy Dog Really Does Not Want To Get Out Of Bed!


The sleepy dog is struggling to get out of bed. And how not, when the owner wakes up him so early. He has no luck, his owner keeps the bakery and must knead the dough for croissants and pastries. The Great Dane puppy, Thor lies peacefully in bed. There is nothing worse than someone wakes you up before you are ready to get up. At 3:30 am. His owner is Ray Prevo and has a bakery in Birmingham. That is why wake up is so early.
You would think that someone with such big name “Thor” would immediately jump out of bed, and set out to conquer the world. The only thing he has in common with the Norse god is a growl, that is a bit sounds like thunder. Nevertheless, Thor would prefer to stay a few more hours under the covers.