Doberman And Little Kitty — The Unbelivable Friendship!


The tiniest kitty befriended with the doberman. They play and spend a lot of time together. And seems that these two animals really enjoy that and have some fun during that time. This is so cute to observe their friendship. Do you like it?
This pooch literally smiles ear to ear while this rambunctious kitten plays with his snout like a little toy. If you’ve ever played with a kitten, you know those claws aren’t anything to scoff at! What a patient, kind, and caring older sibling for this fluffy orange kitten. If only all pets had a friend like this to keep them company while you’re away at work!
It is not unusual for animals of different species to get along with each other but sometimes, it might take you a bit by surprise. Although it can be a lot of fun to watch a kitten play with a dog, you do need to exercise caution when they first meet each other. Until they learn certain limitations, it may be possible for the little one to get hurt unintentionally.