Owner Stole His Husky’s Favorite Spot. But I Never Imagined She’d React Like This!


Huskies are one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs on the planet. They are not only gorgeous to look at, but they are also very entertaining. They are also renowned all over the world for being quite vocal. If you end up arguing with an irate husky, chances of you losing the spat is close to 100%. Take a look at this adorable video for example.
This precious white Siberian husky is called Nala. Nala is a well-behaved pooch, but she doesn’t like it when someone sits on her favorite spot on the sofa. One day, Nala saw her owner reclining right on her favorite place. Her reaction to the scene was so adorable that the owner couldn’t help but capture it all on camera. Wait till you see her how she tries to scold him!