This Is What Happens When No One Wants To Be A Loser. French Bulldog Attacks A Cat! Really Hilarious!


Here, a French bulldog named Betty and one brave cat named Gary are put together. Once that is done, Gary makes the first move and gives Betty the blow. The blow confuses the dog who sits back and contemplates on what to do.  He waits until the cat starts to move and then jumps on him and locks his body completely. Since cannot make any movement, it makes him to surrender. Whenever Gary wants to scoot away, Betty is quick enough to prevent him from doing so. The two are battling out and none wants to lose out- each wants to go for that special moment of glory! Whom do you think is the clear winner?
When you watch the two do their thing, the look on their faces will make you laugh. Personally, I couldn’t hold back my laughter. So amusing! If you liked this video, please share it with your friends!