Rescued Dog Doesn’t Want To Eat Alone. Luckily, She Has The Perfect Solution!


The name of the funny Chihuahua in the video below is Bonnie. She was adopted. Fortunately for this sweetie, the family decided that she was worth adopting, and currently the dog lives together with her favourite friend named Clyde and with her amazing owners. This tiny cutie adores the company of her amazing family!
During meal time, Bonnie’s food gets put down first, only then the other dog gets his food. The “daddy” of the two doggies separates them. With a little space between the doggies, you’d think they would eat peacefully. But Bonnie’s got other solution! You’ll get a big kick out of seeing Bonnie racing backwards to place her bowl where she desires it to be. It is such a hilarious video!
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