This Dog Adores To Sledding! This Is Realy Cool! You Must See!


This funny video is about Roxie, the dog who knows what she wants. This sweetie is actually more of a sledding sheepdog. When there is snow outside, this funny cutie desires a ride. She hops onto the sled all the day! She is really amazing! It’s actual nature to this breed and she clings on and enjoys riding. You wil be amazed by this funny doggie.
Roxie goes home as she rides all snowy slopes! When this funny doggy reaches the end of the slope, she desires repeat the same again and again. It seems that she is never tired of this cycle. When the day is over, the sweetie dreams that the white fluffy snow will stay for even more fun tomorrow and she she dreams how she will enjoy it. This funny dog will make you smile!
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