Tiny Chihuahua Takes On Huge American Bulldog In The Sweetest Video You’ll See Today!


Such breed as Chihuahua is a very popular companion. These tiny cuties are one of the tiniest dogs on the planet. These sweeties are so tiny that they can fit in tea cups or even pockets. These sweeties are so cute that you want to hug them all the time. Just watch the video below about the tiny Chihuahua. This tiny pup desires to make friends with a large Pit Bull, and his approach is really impressive.
The Chihuahua approached the pit bull so boldly, without a second’s hesitation. He didn’t think twice about biting at the big dog and jumping all around him. Thankfully, the pit bull was very even tempered and mild. He didn’t feel annoyed by the tiny guy’s bold approach. Instead, he went on toplay very gently with him.
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