Kitty Meets Lobster For The First Time. The Reaction Will Make Your Day!


There is no doubt, that we all love watching animal videos. Internet contains many wonderful scenes and stories about animals. In most of them doggies and kitties prevail. Of course, that is adorable to watch them enjoying their time, making new discoveries, learning new things… But what is about videos featuring interspecies friends? As for me, they are the most interesting and we always find something new in them. Kitties and chickens, dogs and monkeys, hamsters and rabbits… Unusual friends are always wonderful. The following video features two more very unusual friends.
Now prepare to see the most hilarious encounter ever! This curious kitty meets…. A lobster. What happens next? This seems to be unbelievable. Just watch at this amazing interaction and prepare to be greatly surprised! That’s incredible! Do not miss this wonderful video and watch it right now!