A Very Polite Pup Brings Gifts To Thank A Woman Who Feeds Him! Adorable!


There are still kind people in the world. Orawan Kaewla-iat, who lives in Thailand, is a living proof to this statement. Every day, she feeds and takes care of stray dogs in her area, and seeing how happy they are is her reward.

However, there is one doggy, named Tua Plu, who wanted to show his gratitude. The woman has recently shared a story about him and his mother. The dog, whose name translates as “winged bean”, is among the stray dogs who Orawan feeds. Unlike other dogs who eat their rice and immediately leave, this good-mannered pup always brings her gifts, apparently, expressing how thankful he is. Orawan wrote on her Facebook page, No one knows exactly how and where Tua Plu learned such thoughtful etiquette gestures, but he surely has won many hearts!