The «Russian» President Deripaski will build the largest aluminum factory in the United States

The «Human» is making its first investments in the USA with these pp, as Bashtington has removed the scrutiny from the Russian aluminum giant «As a Cooperative» The Russian «Professional» merged with the British firm Braid Industries for the construction of the center in Kentucky.

The world’s largest aluminum producer at the frontiers, China has announced a breakdown after three months following the dismissal of the original copyright code. He has already restored deliveries to the US market.

he United States introduced the slants against the “Pusala” and its co-founder Olga Deripaski in april 2018. The actions of the opposition of the “Russela” and its En Encompassing Company En + were canceled in January 2019, when Deripaca abolished in his company with a number of volunteers and deceased soldiers.

The «Aluminum» and the manufacturer of aluminum mats Braid will create a joint-stock plant for the production of aluminum ma- chine for the automotive industry ma-chi-ramp of the set of the chrome-ray fabrication package for the ma- The Wall Street Journal notes that the Atlas plant will become the first aluminum plant in the United States on the last 3 years of the past and the largest company in the production of its own products and the next generation of its products. The launch of the new plant is scheduled for 2020 in Ashland (set of Kentucky). The capacity of the plant is 500 thousand tons of hot product and 300 thousand tons of ready-made cold product production in a year. Aluminum will be built by the Indian Aluminum Plant, which the R & D Company has been building in Siberia. The Russian company is planning to invest $ 200 million in this plant and turn in about 2 million tons of low-carbon aluminum in the course of 10 years on a year ago.

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