Inspection of social workers is mandatory for all visas of the United States of America

With the introduction of the new rules, people who are applying for a USA visa will need to submit information about their own accounts in social networks.

 Thanks to the new rules of the Government, people have to submit information about the counts in social networks, electronic mail and phone numbers and phone numbers of the phone numbers and phone numbers. When this was done last year, the authorities considered that it would affect 14.7 million people every year.

Certain applicants who are applying for diplomatic visas, as well as formal delegations, will be excluded from the new rules “As published However, those who are going to the United States to work or study, you are expected to submit information about yourself.

“We are constantly working to improve our inspection procedures in order to protect citizens of the United States of America“ As reported by But at the same time we keep up the concessional travels in the USA, ”they declared in the dispute. Just to get the best out of you Now, all of you will need to indicate the accounts of the newly-worn textbooks on the social network of social networks, as well as the wish to specify the details of the recipients on the network and the recipient. An official person who has communicated with The Hill, anyone who will tell the wrongs about their use of social networks, are waiting for “serious immigrant tigers, or for the part of their own human beings, or for their own people. First administrative approval of the trademark proposed new rules in March 2018. Ha tot moment Amepikancky coyuz zaschity gpazhdanckix cvobod — ppavozaschitnaya opganizatsiya — zayavila chto «no dokazatelctv togo chto podobnaya ppovepka cotsialnyx cetey effektivna or cppavedliva» and otmetila chto IT’S ppivedet to tomu chto people will zanimatcya camotsenzupoy in intepnete.

The presidential representative of the United States, Donald Trump, was the first to deal with the immigration problem of his electoral campaign in 2016, “How does he know He called for a «strong check» of immigrants before and during his stay on the post of the President. In addition, he has gained a steady increase in the tariffs on imports of goods from Mexico, if the country does not have the end of undocumented immigration to the southern countries.

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